We partner with some of the countries leading organisations to deliver effective solutions to our clients.

Delivery Partners

Ethical Healthcare Consulting

EHC is about making a meaningful positive impact to the digital health & care experience of the public, patients, and care professionals. They exist to improve health & care. They add value to health and care services through providing high quality services, their knowledge and expertise: which includes EPR, Infrastructure Strategy, Record Sharing, Data Strategy, Communication, Engagement, Behaviour and Change. Through their partners’ document management expert services and software development including artificial intelligence.

At Ethical these are their values: Equity and Equality: They are never exploitative. EHC charges only what they need to increase their social impact and ensure their team are fairly rewarded for their hard work.

  • Integrity: They unfailingly act morally and in line with their values. Their integrity is their prevailing characteristic.
  • Honesty and Transparency: They are always honest and open, especially when it is difficult or uncomfortable to do so. They are fully open and transparent in all they do.
  • Compassion: They are generous with their judgement and look to find the best in situations and people. They do not judge when others ask for help or when helping others. They recognise that everyone they interact with is a person with their own feelings, thoughts, and experiences.
  • Happiness: They strive to make themselves, their colleagues, and their clients genuinely happy in their work and lives.


Working almost exclusively in the healthcare sector for over 10 years Cloud21 has developed informatics and digital transformation strategies, built business cases, advised on policies, delivered cyber security services, provided implementation teams and managed delivery from small upgrades of systems to a £1b, 10-hospital programmes. These services have been provided across the health and care system, both in the UK and internationally.


Keystream is a framework approved recruitment consultancy supplying talent to the NHS and other healthcare organisations. We have an extensive, proven candidate network and have built an outstanding reputation for the delivery of flexible and ethical solutions, quality of service and speed of delivery.

Registrations & Accreditations


Our Frameworks

Internal Support Partners

Ashdown Solutions

With over 40 years of experience in IT support, Ashdown Solutions provide small and medium sized businesses with reliable managed IT solutions designed to streamline operations, accelerate their growth and realise their potential. Whether they’re installing a new communications solution, providing a full network audit, solving an IT issue, or moving businesses to the cloud, Ashdown Solutions work hard to provide impeccable and consistent service, and offer a human approach within an often complicated world.

Plumb Digital Media

Plumb Digital Media specialise in increasing their clients’ online reputation, visibility, and reach. They do this by making sure that all of their clients online touch points are optimised; they offer a consistent brand message and are easy to do business with (and to communicate with). All of this is backed up by data analyses and continued improvements to systems and process.