About Us

EDM Healthcare Consulting was launched in December 2018 in response to a growing number of failing Electronic Document Management System (EDMS) implementations within the healthcare setting, where the anticipated benefits were not being realised, and staffing confidence was at an all-time low. 

Our primary focus is supporting organisations to streamline and improve their Records Management approach in all areas:







What is EDM?

A simple solution to a dormant archive of legacy physical records since superseded by an EPR?

An enhanced solution to your organisation’s lack of EPR?

An opportunity to improve your trust/health board’s admin workflow?

Release on-site estate or remove off-site health facility lease costs?

A solution to paper

The use case for an EDM is varied and can be easily moulded to your organisation’s needs and digital maturity.

However, its intentions are simple – to provide a compliant information management repository for scanned and digitised health and corporate records. 

Our Values

We do not sell Electronic Document Management Systems. Our focus is on supporting organisations and helping them to meet their Information Management and Digital Transformation objectives. This can be achieved via a paper based or digital approach, or a mixture of the two.

Our goal is to support, inform, guide and enable organisations to optimise Value for Money within their Records Management strategies.

Electronic Document Management systems are wide-ranging in terms of their use case and we encourage all our clients to carefully consider the benefits vs. dis-benefits associated with a multitude of records management solutions.