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We support Healthcare Organisations of various sizes, ranging from GPs, CCGs and Private Sector healthcare Providers, through to Acute Secondary Care Trusts. We have worked with the largest NHS Foundation Trust in the country, through to the 2nd smallest NHS Foundation Trust.

Project Implementation Methodology & Planning
Scanning Strategy
BS10008:2014 Compliance
BS15713:2009 Compliance
Internal Scanning Bureau Implementation
Business Transformation, Change Management & Process Design
Resource Planning
Business Case Development
Benefits Realization
Business Analytics
Stakeholder Engagement
Data Protection & GDPR

What We Do

We work to define your requirements and business drivers for records management.

  • Is back scanning the right approach for your organisation?
  • What challenges do your physical health records present when scoping and delivering your organisation’s paperless digital strategies?
  • What is your organisation’s Digital Maturity and in contracts to an EPR, what role can the EDM play?
  • Internal vs. external scanning?

Aiding the development of your business case and output based specification, ensuring our Subject Matter Expertise, industry awareness and lessons learnt from previous implementations are applied.


We baseline your organisation’s current health records usage, availability and resourcing. A number of techniques including time and motion studies work to define detailed cash and non-cash projections, providing a baseline for the project to be assessed to.


Our delivery methodology utilises standardised and proven implementation frameworks which are then tailored to your organisation’s needs and record management objectives. This works to facilitate effectinve forecasting of project timescales and benefit realisation.

Go-Live Support

Both the project scope and organisational requirements will define the pace of the project’s roll-out. We are well placed to support any scale of go-live and meet the associated training and floor-walking support requirements.


Post implementation benchmarking measured against the initial baselining can inform how your project has met its business drivers. Where the project is partially or fully met through central funding, this can help demonstrate and validate the project successes.


Our handover plans and documentation work to help your organisation manage the EDM efficiently and effectively post BAU handover.

We offer on-going internal audit solutions, providing Trusts with an added level of assurance, once the project is handed over to BAU. Our audits measure your organisation’s management and upkeep of the EDM to industry standards for Information Lifecycle Management.

Internal Scanning Bureau Implementation

Once ‘back-scanning’ is complete, it is often more cost effective and efficient to internalise ‘day-forward’ scanning functions.

An on-site scanning solution can provide a more timely and bespoke service to meet your organisation’s needs. Bureaus can present challenges when being implemented though and as a result, EDM Healthcare Consulting can work with your organisation to reduce the risk of setting a bureau up to operational standards.

Forms Design

To ensure clinical and non-clinical staff interacting with the system can navigate the necessary content as efficiently and effectively as possible, indexing is required. 

Barcoding existing forms can be an excellent way to reduce the need for additional barcoded conversheets. This in turn can reduce scanning costs as these are often charged per page scanned, as well as print and stationery costs within the organisation.

EDM Healthcare Consulting can offer a comprehensive forms re-design and barcoding service. Our Business Analysts work with each department within your organisation to identify, catalogue and process each clinical form for barcoding. This works to significantly reduce ‘day-forward’ scanning costs and risk of human error when using barcoded coversheets.

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